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Popular Communications!

Ham Radio Books Reading Room 


Featuring ARRL Books and publications at discount prices.

This page contains many good sources for ARRL ham radio books, ham license study guides,
magazines, and related ham radio books and information. It was created for all hams as a source
of great reading from various companys and authors pertaining to ham radio, shortwave, electronics
and other interesting topics related to ham radio. The ARRL books are used by amateur radio operators
worldwide as standard references and used daily by thousands of hams.
The ads and links below will take you to sources for purchase of some fine ham radio books and reading
at discount prices that should be in every ham's bookshelf. You can also use the various sources for
searching out ham radio books for exactly what you need or on just about any subject! Also you will find
some good ham radio articles that we post from time to time like the one below.

The Eyes of Texas
Gary Pearce, KN4AQ
Ham Radio Behind The Scenes During The Columbia Shuttle Tragedy in Texas!

Ham Radio in the Far North!  A collection of fine reading books from John Reisenauer  - KL7JR!

Riding the Shortwaves: Exploring the Magic of Amateur Radio
New July 2012 Release by Don Keith (Paperback) and also available in Kindle edition!

"People have been urging me to put these articles into book form," Keith says.
 "I have taken some of the ones that folks seemed to enjoy most or that they tell me they
 learned the most from and added a bunch more that I have been working on for a while.
 That's the book! It is simply one man's love sonnet to the world's greatest hobby."
 N4KC This would make an excellent gift for anyone interested in ham radio! N4UJW

New 2014 Ham Radio License Manual  < Click Here to buy at discount pricing from!
Ham Radio License Manual 3rd Edition for 2014

All you need to become an Amateur Radio Operator!

  • Easy-to-understand sections. Use this book, and pass the 35-question Technician Class license test.

Includes the latest question pool with answer key, for use July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2018.

  • NEW! Use with ARRL's online Exam Review for Ham Radio instructions in book.
  • Designed for self-study and for classroom use. Intended for all newcomers, instructors and schoolteachers.


The above choices are highly recommended reading for a good understanding of antennas and antenna tuners and how they are used in ham radio stations! A must have for the beginner!


An introduction to HF Software Defined Radio by ZL3DW 

More Very Popular ARRL Books for the Ham Radio Operator

Note: When using the book list below, use your browser back button or click on the
" ARRL Books" link at the bottom to go back to the main book list page
after looking at your selection or use the numbers at the bottom to advance book selections.

More book and magazine Selections below! (some may be repeated from above list)

~Selected ARRL and other Books from
If you don't see what you want, just click on one and look around.


Arrl RFI Handbook

Arrl Low Power/ QRP

Arrl Satellite Handbook

Many of the ARRL books are out of print but are stil available...
do a search for them on

Thousands of Electronic Parts here! 

Thousands of Electronic Parts here! 

Search Amazon for ARRL Publications
or other related topics not listed here