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Hamuniverse.com Ham Radio Rag Chew "Chat" Room!
Ham Radio Chat Room! Can you hear me now!
Ham Radio Chat Live!

Live rag chew (chat) with other ham radio operators around the world.

Please log in using the "Set Name" button at bottom right 
using your Amateur Radio Call sign and your first name.
Please do not use the "
Anonymous" choice!
We prefer that you log in using the Set Name tab and option 3 on the selection list
popup.....Be proud of your call sign...use it!
 If no one is in the Chat room, get back on the air!

Brief Instructions:
When the Ham Radio Chat Room loads below, send your message to the rag chew room
 by typing in the small comment window at the bottom.
When ready to send your message, press Enter on your keyboard.
You will see your message come up in the chat window below the last entry.
Log out in bottom right tab when you are ready to leave.

Those who abuse this Ham Radio Rag Chew Chat Room will be banned!
 We use foul language filtering and monitoring in the Ham Radio Chat Room.
Keep it civil and family rated!

You may "paste" urls in TEXT FORM ONLY to other related ham radio websites.
 This is for your protection against being sent to
hazardous websites by those who don't care and wish to harm your computer!

If you see a text link posted taking you to another website other than Hamuniverse.com,
you can copy it and paste into your browser AT YOUR OWN RISK.
We use the highest quality "anti-virus spray" on Hamuniverse.com pages but have no control over external website links in the Chat Room. 
They may not "spray" as often as we do.

We will delete and ban "Spam" as needed when we see it.

No CB radio related topics! Ham Radio related comments only please!

If you are asking a question, please plan it ahead of time. Don't ask questions that require "reading of your mind". How would you answer these questions? "What would be a good radio to buy? What is a good antenna for my location?" As you can see, this would require mind reading! Also, you may want to include your email address for replies that could be long and detailed. Ask your question and come back later to see if there are any replies.
Now get ready to have fun in the Hamuniverse.com
 Ham Radio Rag Chew Chat Room below!
You may even find me there...N4UJW (ADMIN) - 73!


Disclaimers --Please note that this ham radio chat room is experimental. If usage is high, we will do our best to provide it to you! Use it, dont' loose it! We are not responsible for false information or external links off site that you may see when asking a question from other users.
email N4UJW (insert the "at" symbol here and close spaces) hamuniverse.com