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The KD0QMY 2 Meter Slim Jim Antenna Project
by Doug Cummins

First, I put together the copper tubing Slim Jim antenna for 2 meters, following the directions on Hamuniverse.com, using 1/2" copper pipe already on hand.  I fabricated 2 cross braces out of PVC pipe and T's.  Once I decided where to place them, they were set in place using silicone.  I then bought 2 ten foot pieces of 3" PVC pipe, a top cap and a connector piece. 

I attached the completed antenna to the top of one piece using plastic conduit clamps like in the picture below.


I then drilled a hole where I wanted the coax run from the antenna inside the PVC pipe to protect it as much as possible. 

I then drilled another hole at the bottom end of the pipe for the coax to come out.  My coax had pl-259's at each end so I cut one off along with enough cable to shorten it to the right length.  Because the pl-259 was in place, I had to run it UP inside the pipe but had little trouble snagging it at the top end and pulling it out the hole.

I prepared the tap point wires of the coax and attached them to the antenna with hose clamps.  After finding the 'sweet spot' for lowest swr, I re-tightened them and applied generous amounts of sealer over all connections and down the wires to the hole where it runs into the pipe; that I also sealed with silicone. 

I decided on the location to place it next to the house and dug a one foot deep hole for the bottom half of the pole.  When satisfied with its placement, I filled the hole and tamped it down. No cement is used; the ground will hold it steady.

I then placed the ladder and my wife Jan handed me up the top section once I was in position.  I lifted it ( it was heavy, but luckily there was no wind!) and set in down into the connecting collar on the bottom PVC pole,  twisting it until it was seated.  I then went on up to the roof and when satisfied that it was as straight and true as I could make it, attached it to the eave.  The joining spot on the PVC support "mast" is NOT cemented, but rather joined with 4 screws so if needed I could separate the pieces to take the antenna down for service or modification. 

The top of the antenna is now about 23 feet above the ground and clears the roof line by about 4 feet. Total cost (coax and all parts) was about $85.00 .  

So far, I am VERY pleased with it, but remember, it AND I are both new to all this.

Below are some more pics.  Thanks for reading about my adventure, and good luck with your antenna project!



Note in the left photo the coax coming from the antenna and going into the PVC tubing.

Email Doug for questions at his QRZ page email address.

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