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What Antenna Wire?

By John HI3/KL7JR

Disguising the Disguise

To further disguise my loop antenna legs on my balcony, two of these artifical flower arrangements hang vertically in my patio that faces the ocean and wandering eyes.

I needed to come up with something more as one person asked me what the hanging ropes were.

This is the first time in a year anyone has noticed my white wire on a white background.

Quick thinking on my part, (that's a switch!), I blurted out with, "It's a trellis for my flower plants". "Oh, that will be nice!", they said.

I purchased some plastic vines with white flowers (seen above) and zip tied about 6 feet to each antenna leg. Now it looks like a nice flowery disguise from down below my balcony.

It even fools the bees who are attracted to it just after it rains!!!
Only they know for sure those flowers are not real....sorry Mr. Bee!

Next question will be, "How do you get flowers year round?".

I'll cross that bridge when I come to it,....secret fertilizer maybe..hi hi!

Ps: The white thing near the top of the picture is actually a 2 ft coil on 1" PVC (one on each leg of the loop) to give me 3/4 WL on 20 meters for the loop antenna.

See more balcony loop experimenting by John here! We promise, no bees on this one!

73 de Yukon John HI3/KL7JR

Scan Police, Fire, Rescue, Ham Radio, Aircraft, Ships, and much more!