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KL7JR "DX Window" Vertical Indoor "Hoola Loop"

"Just because you are stuck in an apartment or other place that doesn't allow external antennas, doesn't mean you have to give up hamming!" ~KL7JR~

Call me a packrat because sometimes when I take the garbage out I also bring stuff back.

A pair of shiny plastic hoola hoops sticking out of the dumpster gave me an idea for a dual band 10 and 12 meter loop. (With 15 meters as a bonus)
This is probably the closest I'll ever come to a nearly round loop so I thought I'd give it a shot.
Mounting the loop inside my window gave a whole new meaning to the popular ham term "DX Window", hi hi!

The 10-12 AND 15 meter "DX Window" Hoola Loop overlooking the snow

I slapped together a quick feed line connection (using a SO-239 connector) fully knowing
I'd only have the loop up a few months this winter (2009/2010).

I added a couple of feet of 1/2 inch PVC pipe using black electrical tape to make the loop about 19 feet long which is 1/2 WL on 26.7 MHz - the center design frequency for 10 and 12 meters (1005 divided by 26.7 MHz=38 feet times 50%=19 feet). See photo below:

Feed Point of loop

The loop easily loaded on 10 and 12 meters with a tuner, but as usual both bands were dead when I checked a few times over the weekend.

The numbers looked good on my MFJ 259B analyzer, and my other indoor loop (50 ft rectangular loop) continues to amaze me, so I know this loop will work whenever we get propagation again!

So, just because you are stuck in an apartment or other place that doesn't allow external antennas, doesn't mean you have to give up hamming!

Update March 2010:
10 and 12 meters are still dead up here (by arslan at tforge), or at least every time I check, hi hi! But to my surprise, and I'm still scratching my bald head, I did manage to work a couple of JA's with the Hoola Loop on 15 meters so that is hopeful.

Bottom line, if you have an unused "DX Window" put it to good use with your ideas! Experiment and have fun! KL7JR

The MFJ-259B gives you a complete picture of your antenna's performance anywhere between 1.8~170MHz,
even outside the HAM bands!
Get More Info From MCM Electronics!