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Proven Antennas (Edition 2)
An"e-book" pdf Release
by N4UJW and KL7JR

Simple to Build HF and VHF/UHF Antennas and info For Hams and SWL's
Without All the Geek Talk!
Proven Antennas Cover

This "e-book" in pdf form is now ready for your antenna building fun!
This edition with 49 new pages is loaded with more info than our first edition.

To help support further experimentation we offer it for sale and it has been compiled and written especially by us for the antenna experimenter and builder in you who wants to get on the air with good working antennas for their ham station cheaply and easily.

Many of them are for use in very restricted spaces or locations. There are HF, and VHF/UHF designs in the "e-book" so we have included something for everyone interested in getting their signal on the air quickly and easily!

These are proven designs as seen on Hamuniverse.com using many principles passed down from amateur radio operators over the last 100 years or so. Some have been built experimentally and do work well when you are limited with your antenna farm.

John, KL7JR, is a prolific experimenter and author on Hamuniverse.com and Lulu.com, and has many antenna projects published here that he has used not only at home, but from Alaska, the Yukon and from very restricted balcony spaces in the Dominican Republic and other locations around the world. John will show you how to make the best of a bad antenna location and get you on the air fast!

We are making these very popular antenna projects and lots more related information in the "book" available in a pdf file email attachment that is very inexpensive. When you order it, you will get it in your inbox usually the same day you order or within 24 hours.
So watch your email inbox.

What is the cost?
Still only $19.95 in our special updated 2013 edition. NO SHIPPING OR HANDLING EITHER! Remember, you get it in an email!

We have loads of time invested in putting this e-book offer together for you, not counting the time invested in our experimentation...so our labor is FREE!

We highly suggest that you take advantage of this offer especially if you are on dialup and have difficulties with the internet viewing these projects online due to slow dialup speeds. No more waiting for them to download from the slow dialup you may have directly from the pages of Hamuniverse.com!
You only have to wait once during the download of the ebook and view them off line!

Once you get the file in your inbox, and save it to your computer, you can see the projects and information off line without the long dialup waits by using any pdf file viewer such as Adobe which you may already have installed, or get the free, faster and light weight Foxit pdf reader here! Your pdf reader will open it up almost instantly!

What's in the edition of the "e-book"?
The contents: This pdf ebook now has an additional 49 pages making it 184 pdf pages in living color, just like on the web!


1. Dipoles (Many to choose from for hf and shortwave listening fun)

2. Verticals (Lots of hf projects from John and myself)

3. Loops (John's favorites)

4. Beams (Ever heard of a "Cloud Warner Beam"?) Learn how to use dipoles to get more gain in one direction and more.

5. Ham Antennas Using CB Verticals (John and I will show you how easy they are to build with value and fun by using CB antennas on the ham bands. Many are great for restricted space applications.)

6. Handy Ham Helpers (Hints, kinks and other info to help you around your ham shack)

7. VHF/UHF Antennas ( Get on the air fast with these popular and simple designs!)

8. Lots more good info and not a lot of "techno geek jargon". Just plain simple ham radio related info and instructions. These antennas are EASY to build and don't require loads of test equipment. As with all antenna projects you will need a method to measure swr.

So how long will it take me to download it from my email?
(This will depend on many variables but the time will be approximated below.)

Estimated download times using 56k modem: File size about 4.7 meg will take about 11 minutes using dialup depending on your connection and speed.

High Speed internet connection download times will vary but of course much much faster than dialup!

Gmail users....check your Spam Folder! Gmail sometimes puts our emails there!

To order, Send $19.95 to my PayPal account to n4ujw AT hamuniverse.com (remove the AT and replace with @ then close all spaces before and after the @ symbol.) You should receive your copy in your email within 24 hours...usually much less! Don't forget to look in your Spam folder if it is not in your regular inbox!

Important when ordering. Please, give your call sign (if a ham), WHAT YOU ARE ORDERING, first name and the email address where you want to receive it!
You do not need a PayPal account to order using PayPal!

John and myself thank you for your consideration and your order. We hope you have as much fun with this "book" and what's inside as we did!

Don, N4UJW
John, KL7JR



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