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Prosigns, Q Signals and CW Abbreviations
Used in Amateur (Ham) Radio

Procedural Signals (Prosigns) for Morse Code

C Q - Calling any station (does any ham *not* know this one?)

AR - "+" over, end of message

K - go, invite any station to transmit

KN - "(" go only, invite a specific station to transmit

BK - invite receiving station to transmit

R - all received OK

AS - please stand by

SK - end of contact (sent before call)

CL - going off the air (clear)

Q Signals (or Q Abbreviations)

Q Signals take the form of a question only when each is followed by a question mark.

QRG - Will you tell me my exact frequency (or that of ___)?
Your exact frequency (or that of ___) is ___ kHz.

QRH - Does my frequency vary?
Your frequency varies.

QRI - How is the tone of my transmission?
The tone of your transmission is ___. (1. Good 2. Variable 3. Bad)

QRJ - Are you receiving me badly?
I can not receive you. Your signals are too weak.

QRK - What is the intelligibility of my signals (or those of ___)?
The intelligibility of your signals (or those of ___) is:
(1. Bad 2. Poor 3. Fair 4. Good 5. Excellent)

QRL - Are you busy?
I am busy (or I am busy with ___). Please do not interfere.

QRM - Is my transmission being interferred with?
Your transmission is being interferred with ___.
(1. Nil 2. Slightly 3. Moderately 4. Severely 5. Extremely)

QRN - Are you troubled by static?
I am troubled by static ---. (1-5 as under QRM)

QRO - Shall I increase power?
Increase power.

QRP - Shall I decrease power?
Decrease power.

QRQ - Shall I send faster?
Send faster ___. (WPM)

QRS - Shall I send more slowly?
Send more slowly ___. (WPM)

QRT - Shall I stop sending?
Stop sending.

QRU - Have you anything for me?
I have nothing for you.

QRV - Are you ready?
I am ready.

QRW - Shall I inform ___ that you are calling on ___ kHz?
Please inform ___ that I am calling on ___ kHz.

QRX - When will you call me again?
I will call you again at ___ hours (on ___ kHz).

QRY - What is my turn?
Your turn is numbered ___.

QRZ - Who is calling me?
You are being called by ___ (on ___ kHz).

QSA - What is the strength of my signals (or those of ___)?
The strength of you signals (or those of ___) is ___.
(1. Scarcely perceptable 2. Weak 3. Fairly good 4. Good 5. Very good)

QSB - Are my signals fading?
Your signals are fading.

QSD - Is my keying defective?
Your keying is defective?

QSG - Shall I send ___ messages at a time?
Send ___ messages at a time.

QSK - Can you hear me in between your signals and if so, can I break in on your transmission?
I can hear you between my signals; break in on my transmission.

QSL - Can you acknowledge receipt?
I am acknowledging receipt.

QSM - Shall I repeat the last message I sent you, or some previous message?
Repeat the last message you sent me [or message(s) number(s) ___].

QSN - Did you hear me (or ___) on ___ kHz?
I did hear you (or ___) on ___ kHz.

QSO - Can you communicate with ___ direct or by relay?
I can communicate with ___ direct (or by relay through ___).

QSP - Will you relay to ___?
I will relay to ___.

QST - General call proceding a message addressed to all amateurs and ARRL members. This is in effect, "CQ ARRL".

QSU - Shall I send or reply on this frequency (or on ___ kHz)?
Send a series of Vs on this frequency (or on ___ kHz).

QSW - Will you send on this frequency (or on ___ kHz)?
I am going to send on this frequency (or on ___ kHz).

QSX - Will you listen to ___ on ___ kHz?
I am listening to ___ on ___ kHz.

QSY - Shall I change to to transmission on another frequency?
Change transmission to another frequency (or ___ kHz).

QSZ - Shall I send each word or group more than once?
Send each word or group twice (or ___ times).

QTA - Shall I cancel message number ___?
Cancel message number ___.

QTB - Do you agree with my counting of words?
I do not agree with your counting of words. I will repeat the first letter or digit of each word or group.

QTC - How many messages have you to send?
I have ___ messages for you (or for ___).

QTH - What is your location?
My location is ___.

QTR - What is the correct time?
The correct time is ___.

Common abbreviations for CW work

AA - All after
PBL - Preamble
AB - All before
PSE - Please
ABT - About
PWR - Power
ADR - Address
PX - Press
AGN - Again
R - Received as transmitted; Are
AM - Amplitude Modulation
RCD - Received
ANT - Antenna
RCVR - Receiver
BCI - Broadcast Interference
RX - Receiver
BCL - Broadcast Listener
REF - Refer to; Referring to; Reference
BK - Break, Break in
RFI - Radio frequency interference
BN - All between; Been
RIG - Station equipment
BUG - Semi-Automatic key
RTTY - Radio teletype
B4 - Before
SASE - Self-addressed, stamped envelope
C - Yes
SED - Said
CFM - Confirm; I confirm
SIG - Signature; Signal
CK -Ckeck
SINE - Operator's personal initials or nickname
CL - I am closing my station; Call
SKED - Schedule
CLD - Called
SRI - Sorry
CLG - Calling
SSB - Single Side Band
CQ - Calling any station
SVC - Service; Prefix to service message
CW - Continuous wave
T - Zero
DLD - Delivered
TFC - Traffic
DLVD - Delivered
TMW - Tomorrow
DR - Dear
TKS - Thanks
DX - Distance
TNX - Thanks
ES - And
TT - That
FB - Fine Business, excellent
TU - Thank you
FM - Frequency Modulation
TVI - Television interference
GA - Go ahead
TX - Transmitter
GM - Good morning
TXT - Text
GN - Good night
UR - Your; You're
GND - Ground
URS - Yours
GUD - Good
VFO - Variable Frequency Oscillator
HI - The telegraph laugh; High
VY - Very
HR - Here; Hear
WA - Word after
HV - Have
WB - Word before
HW - How
WD - Word
LID - A poor operator
WDS - Words
MA - Millamperes
WKD - Worked
MILS - Millamperes
WKG - Working
MSG - Message; Prefix to radiogram
WL - Well; Will
N - No
WUD - Would
NCS - Net Control Station
WX - Weather
ND - Nothing Doing
XCVR - Transceiver
NIL - Nothing; I have nothing for you
XMTR - Transmitter
NM - No more
XTAL - Crystal
NR - Number
XYL - Wife
NW - Now; I resume transmission
YL - Young lady
OB - Old boy
73 - Best Regards
OC - Old chap
88 - Love and kisses
OM - Old man
OP - Operator
OPR - Operator
OT - Old timer; Old top



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